Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Response to quiz questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Response to quiz questions - Assignment Example As well, the signifier and the sign are continuously being used in our modern culture nowadays. Thus, the semiotic method can be used to examine popular culture by inquiring about the sign. The signs direct us to ask queries about its fundamental meaning, hence steering our attention to the system the sign fits and search for related signs that back up our primary hypothesis. Since all is connected, signs hint to one another thus enabling one to view the broad picture and how our culture is affected by them. In the American culture, vampires are so popular since they represent a sense of individuality, immorality, youth, eroticism and an outlaw hero. Thus, the semiotics assists us understand how vampires of in the present day are so popular (Maasik, and Solomon, 2). Typical stories at the origin of our life experience are termed as Myths. Additionally, myths are present in all literatures and cultures. However, myths are true stories founded on facts since all of us lives them at some level. In addition, myths connect and speaks to all of us. Some myths are true stories that achieve mythic importance since individuals involved appear superior to life and live their lives more forcefully than ordinary people. While others rotate around make-believe characters who have the potential of capsulizing for us our entire journeys. Additionally, some behaviours depicted by the make-believe might seem similar to characters we encountered in our dreams (Braumoeller, 23). In many hero stories, the hero is usually presented under ordinary circumstances, in a rational world doing ordinary things. Usually, the hero originates as a non-hero looking humble, young and simple however in the course of the story something different enters the hero’s life thus acting as a catalyser setting the story into motion. In many occasions, the hero is not willing to leave, thus termed as a reluctant hero who is uncertain,

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