Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Information Systems supporting Business Processes Research Paper

Information Systems supporting Business Processes - Research Paper Example In this regard, implementation of Information Systems (IS) like Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) and Management Information System (MIS) will be very effective ion achieving its next 5 years plan. The primary consideration in the betterment of Supply Chain Management, different levels of planning should properly organized through accurate decision makings. In this respect, daily transaction process and management information systems must be implemented properly. For TPS, IKEA should introduce RDIF technology in its inventory management for enhanced level of dialing activity with assured tracking system. In case of MIS, IKEA should follow ARIS framework that concentrates and related necessary business views. As RDIF and ARIS both are system-based technology, it requires the resources like software, hardware, proper communication, network, skilled labor, IT infrastructure and supporting organizational structure and culture. Table of Contents 1.Introduction 4 2.Importance Prevailing Inventory Management in IKEA 4 3.Business Process for IKEA to Manage Supply Chain 5 4.Information System for Supply Chain Management 7 4.1.Transaction Processing Systems and Management Information System 7 4.2.Requirement for IS for IKEA’s Supply Chain Management 9 5.Conclusion and Recommendation 10 Reference 11 1. Introduction The emergence of international trade that can be termed as major outcome of the globalization has led to increase the complexities of the prevailing business process. However, the prime reason behind such change is the availability of greater opportunities for market expansion and for higher scope of profitability. On the other that, these opportunities for rapid business growth has also caused in intensifying the competition in international level. As a result, in spite of the better scope for business growth, the profitability of the business has been hurting due to such fierce competition. The organizations with higher competitive advantage are the market leaders and they outperform the domestic and international players. Therefore, all the business organization within a specific market strives to gain sustainable competitive advantage by establishing core competencies. In this process, they have identified the use of technologies in their business processes as major tool to gain competitive advantage. Implementation of Information System (IS) in the multiple business process has been proved very effective in gaining competitive advantage in the international market. This paper will attempt to present the necessity and implementation of IS for supply chain management in IKEA’s global business. 2. Importance Prevailing Inventory Management in IKEA IKEA is one of the most popular global retail chains and it is mainly engaged in the retailing business of furniture, durable household items etc. Besides, it has also entered in food and restaurant business recently. However, it has been world famous for its furniture and dur able household products’ retailing business. IKEA offers highly innovative furniture and

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