Sunday, November 3, 2019

Importance of Studying Abroad Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Importance of Studying Abroad - Essay Example Additionally, most of the students who go for studies in America and other English speaking countries speak English as a second language. Developed countries have a wider variety of learning opportunities. For example, America is branded as the land of opportunities since it has diversified learning opportunities. There are many colleges and universities offering virtually all learning opportunities. Therefore, students are much more likely to get learning opportunities to explore fields of learning that may not be available in their country (Dwyer and Peters web). Notably, English-speaking countries such as America offer a good opportunity for language development especially for students who are learning English as a second language. Most importantly, developed countries have developed cultural, social, intellectual, infrastructural, and technological systems. Therefore, students who go to study in these countries get an opportunity to explore new dimensions of life. This makes stud ying abroad particularly important for students (Ziegler 1-4). ... It is an opportunity to explore new fields of learning that are otherwise, not offered in the home country. In addition, the students are exposed to new and diverse cultures. When students interact with people from the different cultural background, they are able to learn the different ways of life (Kendall 112-115). They get to understand people and the world in different dimensions thereby diversifying their horizons. Additionally, students studying abroad are able to visit new places that they have never visited before. In the process, they are able to meet many people. The increased interaction with many people increases the opportunity to learn new things and therefore, broaden their horizons. Although many students go back to their native countries after studying abroad, it is true that quite a number get job opportunities abroad after their education. Therefore, it can be claimed that studying abroad broadens job horizons for such students. Studying abroad is important since d evelops a student’s abilities. Different students have different abilities and talents. However, their native countries may not offer the best platforms and avenues in which to develop these talents and abilities. Therefore, studying abroad becomes particularly important in offering opportunities in which talented and students with special abilities can explore their talents. For instance, America has many art schools and colleges that are specifically suited to developing special abilities. Hence, students from different countries seek for admission to these art schools in order to develop their talents and abilities.  Ã‚  

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