Thursday, February 6, 2020

Professional Project Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

Professional Project - Dissertation Example Based on critical analysis and assessment, a group of entrepreneurs can determine the best option for their organization. It was based on such critical analysis that owners the ABC organization chose two of the three options, which are merger and acquisition. This M&A will be between a Dutch and Japanese Organization. In business or finance, merger occurs when one organization is united with another one in such a way that the separate organizations coming together begin to share all profits and loss. To this end, the Business Link Journal (2010) explain that â€Å"A merger is when you integrate your business with another and share control of the combined businesses with the other owner(s).† acquisition on the order hand occurs when one organization buys an entire organization, inheriting all its asserts and deficits and becoming the outright owner of the bought company. The Business Link Journal (2010) explains that â€Å"An acquisition is when you buy another business and en d up controlling it.† Drawing the difference between merger and acquisition, the Economy Watch (2011) argues that â€Å"Mergers occur when the merging companies have their mutual consent as different from acquisitions, which can take the form of a hostile takeover.† What is peculiar about ABC’s move is that the intended merger and acquisition is to take place between organizations of different cultural and national backgrounds. There is thus a situation whereby management has to deal with the fact that there will be employees from different cultures who must be resourced and managed in such a way that their diversity would produce benefits instead of demerits. This dissertation has therefore been set out to identify and examine how these two cultures – Japanese and Dutch will impact on staff morale in the merger. It is also about how organizational cultural change affects or influence staff morale. The professional project is divided into six major compone nts. The first section is the introduction which provides a brief overview of the whole project by outlining the workplace context, giving information about aspects of the researcher’s professional background that is particularly relevant to the professional project and giving details about who are involved in the project. The second session is dubbed literature review and it is committed to reviewing literature relevant to the research problem. There is also the approach, which provides information about what I did, how I did it, who was involved, when it was done and where it was done. Again, there is the section for findings where the researcher makes known, the data that was collected. After the findings, the researcher undertakes a reflective discussion of the findings and closes the professional project with a conclusion. The professional context of the researcher in relation to this project is that the researcher is a worker at the human resource department of his orga nization. Due to this, he has a responsibility ensuring the welfare and improved morale of his own employees. The project on ABC Organization would therefore be a test ground and a learning platform for him to translate to his own organization. Participants of the project are therefore mainly employees of various organizations were there is an intercultural employee system in place. The major role of these

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